I wanted to thank you for preparing [my son] to make the important college choice. It was a very exciting final meeting. I felt like Ian was given the “space” to make the final decision for himself. This required the rest of us at the meeting to have some degree of restraint. I felt really good about it. Admittedly, I would have been more anxious about his forthcoming college experience had he chosen [–]. The grid you designed seemed to be very helpful to [my son] for analyzing the attributes of each school and also reflecting on the intellectual and emotional responses he had in each category. Thank you for all of the personal attention, for taking the time to know [my son] and for being genuinely interested in [my son’s] happiness and future success. – With gratitude, Parent

Thanks again for a productive meeting yesterday, and of course for the entire “college expert” process. Even though Matthew already had Lewis & Clark in mind, talking through the decision-making process was extremely valuable. Best of all, I believe he is happy with his choice and looking forward to college. And now on to the next one! We would like to set up an introductory meeting for [my 9th grade son] sometime this spring or early summer. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Great discussion on MPR News! You sounded so natural and you were indeed “The Expert.” :)

Jake has been telling everyone he has officially declared –. He is excited and relieved to have this done. I so think this is such a nice fit for him. Jake was so funny because he didn’t want to discuss colleges with me, he wanted to wait until our meeting to truly pick your brains on this. When I asked him if he was glad we did it, and if he thought it was work it, he say yes. He really trusted and valued your knowledge and he loved the jam sessions because it made him get stuff done. Plus at the jam sessions if he had questions he could just ask and get answered then and there. He is a tough one to please as he is such a perfectionist, so awesome job! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very much. I know Ryan is just getting into this and he will be awesome! Jake trusted him just as much and we glad to have him involved. You both got to know Jake so well and it was nice for me to be able to trust you as well because I knew you knew him and had his best interest at heart. It was all and all a great experience for our whole family, so THANK YOU! – Parent

Thank you for all your help through the college search, who knows where I’d be without you! I have thought about the difference you have made in my family, and it is pretty clear that none of us would be where we are today without your help. So thank you so much!

You’re the best, Sue!!! All is well. Thank you FOREVER for your wonderful consult — two girls, two “perfect fits” — we feel grateful every day. Happy 2014! – Parent

Hello Sue, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you so much for helping our son navigate the college selection process. I really felt you understood our son, the type of person he is and what was most important to him in a college environment and experience. We are all thrilled he was accepted to Grinnell ED and can’t thank you enough for all your expertise! It really is such a great fit for our son and he sensed it from our very first visit. – Parent

Just wanted to let you know our son got his acceptance letter from Rose-Hulman today. He is in cloud 9. We never would have looked at Rose without your guidance so we owe you a huge thanks! – Parent

I just can’t believe it. Two years ago I didn’t think college was even an option and here he is at an amazing place studying what he wants. I don’t think thank you is enough!!! – Parent

Sue, you have been an immense help, and, we are happy to recommend you as often as we can! For your part of the deal, you just need to keep doing as you are for another 8-10 years, so you can help the girls. Thanks for all, and, keep in touch. If you ever would like a referral, feel free to have anyone email or call. We’re happy to give one. – Parent

She is very excited about your college suggestions. I really want to thank you. We would never have found some of these good matches on our own and both of us are glad for your advice about some of the reach schools on our list. I am not sure how people get through this process without knowledgeable help! – Parent

Please relay a big thank you to Kris for helping K– this afternoon at the Jam session and this evening! Kris turned around edits quickly and even worked with K– on her final edits until 10:30 tonight. I saw Kris’ last suggestion to K– and it was right on target. Thank you, Sue, for putting together a great team and providing such a valuable service to the students! – Parent

Ben got his AP tests back and got 5 on both. He was very excited. I don’t think he would have done so well without your encouragement to study for the tests. It paid off and now he is excited to study for the ACT. Anyway, I think you are awesome and so glad we found you. You know how to motivate kids and get them focused on the right things, but still keep a balanced approach. Hope all is well. Thank you for everything!! You are the best! – Parent

Dear Sue and Ryan,
You are an impressive duo on many levels. We left feeling that we are in good hands. (All of us) . You are the modern day personal coach for high school kids, the more socially acceptable gap between parent and social worker/psychologist, and the most important at this stage in life. With pleasure we sign on, – Parent

A student who is thriving in college…My son is absolutely thriving at the University of Denver! DU has been the best place for him. He's been on the executive committee of his fraternity and that's been very formative in incredibly positive ways. It is not a “frat” but truly a fraternity of brothers who are invested in serving, in academic excellence, and in pushing one another to excel and grow as men of character. He is planning to spend his summer in New York city taking classes at Parsons The New School of Design, working part time for a retail store, and hopefully interning with a clothing design company. It should be a memorable summer filled with growth and adventure. Thanks for all you did to help him select DU! – Parent

We are so proud of Rachel. I would like to sincerely thank you for your four long years of guidance, teaching, and wisdom for Rachel. The whole framework for her approach to her studies in high school evolved from some of our first sessions with you when she was a freshman. Rachel made her own decision, which should help her over the next four exciting years. Suzanne, you are the best. – Proud Grandfather

YES, HIRE SUE LUSE. I haven’t had anyone get into Duke in the last nine years without going through Sue Luse. Given your obvious savviness about the college admissions process, you definitely want to be sure you are doing everything possible to allow K— the opportunity to attend that school in another 18 months. You probably already know Sue's daughter graduated from Duke, so if there’s one school she knows better than any other, it's Duke. She won’t waste your time, and she won’t stroke your ego, either. Even if you already know 90% of what Sue tells you (a point that should be re-assuring to you and not frustrating) that last 10% may be just enough to produce an acceptance letter. More importantly, Sue’s track record of making high-potential clients giddy about their #2 and #3 choices is unsurpassed. A student two years ago of hers (I tutored this same student in SAT & ACT) got a rejection from his top choice Notre Dame, but by that time, Sue had spent so much time massaging his 2nd choice — Vanderbilt University — that he jumped at it. That kid’s now a sophomore and says Vandy's the “perfect choice” and he couldn’t even imagine being stuck in stuffy old South Bend, compared to Nashville. Sue’s real gift–if I may say so–is helping a 17-year old believe that #1 #2 and #3 are virtually indistinguishable and that the individual's happiness is less dependent on the name of the college and more dependent on the right fit. I honestly get nervous when I'm tutoring a student and they tell me they only have one real choice for a college. Yikes. That is not the way to go. – Brenda Alberts, Alberts Tutoring

Thank You so much for helping all four of our children navigate the college process. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your organizations wonderful work with our children. What a journey it has been, and we believe the process you directed us thru has been performed with the utmost professionalism. – parent

Thank you for all your wonderful help during the college planning journey. It was easy and even fun, and we loved working with you. We wish we had more children to send your way! – Parent

You provide an excellent service and we're glad we're working with you and your team. – Parent

All I can say is, you add so much value in this process not to mention you are shoulder to cry on in times of need!! – Parent

I don’t know how we would have navigated this tortuous path without your guidance and support. – Parent

The way you connect with your students and the process you have in place to get such a daunting process completed is unmatched!!…Accepted into at least 7 schools and scholarship money from all of them so far…the decision will be interesting. – Parent

Thank you for all you did to help her sort through her decision options. I think the best help was in giving her the confidence through the entire grueling process that there are good options within her reach. – Parent

We are so appreciative and thankful to have you as part of our college journey for our girls. You’ve been an a tremendous resource – and friend. – Parent

You have been an immense help in our college journey and we thank you for all you have done to help ease the stress of finding the “right” college. – Parent

Thank you for the amazing guidance you have given me throughout high school and my entire college search and application process. You also helped me cope with the ups and downs of high school and were always there for me. I could not be more proud and happy to say I am going to my DREAM college, largely because of your help and guidance. You made my dream come true!

I thought last nights meeting went very well. You have a good interaction with her. I think we are on the right track with school size and level for softball. – Parent

Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the application process! I can’t thank you enough for all of the help, advice and support you (and your associates!) gave me during the college search! Your help was invaluable, and no doubt played a great role in my acceptance! Thank you once again! – Student

Thanks you for the time you have spent mentoring me. My rule, when I decide who to work with, is their attribute toward children. You are in my highest esteem. Every single person, adult or child I have spoken to or who knows you sings your praises. The kids love you – all different types students and learners. I have so appreciated your guidance and patience as I have worked with you this year. – Colleague

Thank you so much for all the help and positive encouragement you gave our daughter throughout the college search and application process. You really helped decrease her anxiety she felt early on in the process. – Parent

Thank you for everything you did for our son. We appreciate all the your guidance and consel. You took what could have been a very stressful time and made it a PLEASURE! – Parent

May you walk with a piece of sunlight always in your heart, John has been accepted to all his colleges and has also received impressive merit scholarships. We would not be here without your help. – Parent

I am so over due in extending my gratitude to you for all you have done for TJ and for me. TJ has been accepted into, I think 8 out of 10 Colleges so far! Not only am I so psyched at all the great choices he has, but what it has done to boost his self esteem. You are so savvy to know which schools weigh less on the ACT’s and more on grades and extra curricula’s. There is no way I could have ever gotten to this place without you! – Parent

We are so grateful for your help. You have changed my daughter’s life and set her on the right path. You will never be forgotten by my daughter or me. There are people in our lives that make such a difference in the quality and joy in our lives and you are one of those! None of this would have been possible without you! – Parent

We are eternally grateful to you for the wonderful support and guidance you gave our girls, and we recommend you to all our friends with college-bound children. You have been an important influence on our girls – many, many thanks for all you’ve done! – Parent

We loved your service. It kept us organized and on track. I must say it helped take the stress out of the whole process. We will recommend your services to everyone we know! – Parent

You were right on so many levels about college options for our daughter. It has been a godsend. And so were you, right when we needed you. You really know your stuff, combined with a keen intuition about every kid you see. – Parent

Thanks for all, all, all, of your help! You have my best wishes in the future to help others also realize and accomplish their goals.
I remember in the first meeting with you when I told you that Harvard was my first choice you did not say it was impossible and instead, you made it happen! Please keep in touch. Thank you. – Student

I also want to take the time to thank you for all the help in the last few years! College admissions definitely would have been more challenging without you and your associates’ guidance and expertise! I remember how back in high school the future seemed so far away, but now the last four years seem like a distant dream! Time flies the more you experience it. – Student

Thank You so much for helping all four of our children navigate the collage process. . We cannot express our gratitude enough for your organizations wonderful work with our children. What a journey it has been, and we believe the process you directed us thru has been performed with the upmost professionalism. – Parent

We love you and the help you have provided our children, all 3 who have worked with you so far. – Parent

Sue – you are a dear woman, it was a pleasure to get to know you and thank you for all your help. – Parent

My daughter and I have enjoyed your personal and professional manner in the way you have dealt with us. – Parent

Sue, we couldn’t have done it without you! – Parent

Sue thanks! You were a very positive influence on our son and his self-esteem. – Parent

Thank you so much for advising our son and us in our navigation of the college application process. we are all obviously thrilled with our outcome – but also greatly appreciated the guidance, advice, input, unruffled demeanor and resource you and your team provided throughout the process. The whole process was remarkably low stress. – Parent

Sue, you are wonderful! – Parent

Very nice to work with you, we couldn’t have done it without you! – Parent

You are a wonderful person, I could relate to you from our very first phone call. – Parent